Saturday, 2 June 2012

12 Months Later

I last blogged 12 months ago and since then life has been turned around with a restructure that saw my post being deleted followed by an intensive round of applications for jobs in the new department.
Fortunately I was successful and was appointed to the job that I wanted as Stock Team Leader.

This is quite a shift from a library manager in a branch to heading a team in bibliographic services at Library Headquarters. But six months down the line, I'm glad that I was able to move into a new field.
My new team is small but hard working. They have been welcoming and happy to go with a change of leadership style. They have also been very helpful and patient as I have learned the new skills I need for this position.

And now CPD 23 has restarted and I hope to pic up where I left off 12 months ago.
Here's to the challenges ahead!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Catching up after a holiday

Well, I've been away on  holiday and am trying to catch up with my 23 things and getting to grips with everything that has happened whilst I have been away. Mostly to do with the restructure of the department due to budget cuts. It is all moving very fast and it seems that soon I will know what I can apply for in the brave new world!
Anyway I have been looking at other blogs and have read encouraging blogs about refurbs and new installations of self service. I am also trying a bit of tweeting. I was pleased to get a follower on Twitter even though I'm not sure who it is or why I have been chosen!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Well I've got this far!

I've been working in libraries in Cornwall since 1992, after working in local government.
I started as a Senior Library Assistant and am now a library manager
I completed my chartership in January 2010 and in the same month was seconded to the role of Library Group Coordinator. This involves operational management of nine libraries in Cornwall, which can be a challenge!
19 of Cornwall's 32 libraries have RFID self service, which we implemented in 2007/8.
I am responsible for managing smartsm for the county - an electronic stock management system. It has had a huge impact on the way we work with our stock and  I have great fun using the various tools.

That's all for my first ever blog. I'm looking forward to getting involved with Cpd23