Saturday, 2 June 2012

12 Months Later

I last blogged 12 months ago and since then life has been turned around with a restructure that saw my post being deleted followed by an intensive round of applications for jobs in the new department.
Fortunately I was successful and was appointed to the job that I wanted as Stock Team Leader.

This is quite a shift from a library manager in a branch to heading a team in bibliographic services at Library Headquarters. But six months down the line, I'm glad that I was able to move into a new field.
My new team is small but hard working. They have been welcoming and happy to go with a change of leadership style. They have also been very helpful and patient as I have learned the new skills I need for this position.

And now CPD 23 has restarted and I hope to pic up where I left off 12 months ago.
Here's to the challenges ahead!

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